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Social protection

DDLC assists its clients essentially in the framework of audits performed by the URSSAF and it works on litigation related to URSSAF tax adjustments.

DDLC also assists its clients in the following areas:

Executive labor regimes

DDLC advises its clients with determining the social contribution consequences of choosing a corporate office (minority, majority management, presidency of sociétés anonymes, etc.) and on the nature of compensation paid to a corporate officer that can be subject to certain conditions (expatriation bonuses, directors’ fees, consultants’ fees, etc.).

Complementary social protection

DDLC and its lawyers assist their clients with the terms for implementing, revising and terminating complementary social protection (provident schemes, health expenses) and complimentary retirement regimes.

DDLC also assists with litigation that may arise in the implementation of the application or cessation of such regimes.

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