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Collaborative process and mutual gains negotiation

The collaborative law process is part of the amicable means of conflict resolution: it consists of providing for, at the term of a contract signed by the parties and their respective lawyers trained in collaborative law, a contractual commitment to negotiate transparently and in good faith before filing a lawsuit, in a process covered by heightened confidentiality.

Mutual gains negotiation is a method for settling conflicts used for the first time by American diplomats in the Camp David accords and developed by two teachers at Harvard. In a particularly stalled negotiation situation between Egypt and Israel, only an innovative negotiation method could move the parties forward and result in an agreement.

Trained in the collaborative process and mutual gains negotiation, Karen Durand-Hakim can assist you in all of your negotiations to attempt to reach an amicable settlement in your disputes and obtain a durable agreement in this framework. This involves finding a wise agreement which includes both parties’ interests, is long-lasting and improves or, at the very least, does not worsen the existing relationship.

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