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Employment law

We practice in the fields of management of individual employment relations and management of collective employment relations.

Management of individual employment relations

Negotiation, drafting and modification of employment agreements

We are involved in the negotiation, drafting and modification of employment contracts (and more particularly non-competition clauses, working hours, golden parachutes, benefits in kind, supplementary pension, etc.)

Performance of employment agreements

The firm advises also its clients during the execution of employment agreements (paid vacations, disciplinary sanctions, suspension of employment agreements, amendment of employment contracts, training, transfer, status and remuneration of managers, international mobility, industrial accidents, moral harassment, etc).

Dismissal procedures

The law firm DDLC assists its clients in the implementation of dismissal procedures for personal or economic grounds, disciplinary sanctions, negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements and contractual termination agreements.

Of course, DDLC advises and assists its clients in the context of litigation related to employment contracts.

Management of collective employment relations

We also work in the field of management of collective employment relations.

Staff representation

We assist our clients with implementing staff representative institutions [organization of social and economic committee (CSE) elections, implementation of an economic and social unit, election litigation] and in their operation [identifying cases where consultations must take place, economic and social database (BDES), information memoranda, etc.).

Our firm works both with companies and staff representatives, regardless of the business sector and company’s size.

Reorganizations and redundancy procedures

We also assist our clients with implementing reorganizations and redundancy procedures on economic grounds (informing and consulting with staff representatives, job-savings plans, labor audits, relations with labor authorities, preparing draft letters, employee transfers, company transfers, outsourcing, employment policy and anticipated employment management (GPEC), both in an advisory capacity and in litigation.

Within this framework, we assist our clients for their issues related to working time.

Criminal employment law

We assist our clients with issues related to strike, to criminal employment law (concealed work, violations of working time rules, health and safety rules, workplace accidents), to criminal liability for companies and company managers based on violations of labor legislation.

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